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Erika's Journal
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Monday, July 12th, 2004
12:10 am
help me
My buddy list and address book are completely out of control. I know I have a lot of names on my list that, I don't even remember who they are. Or they are Old Screen names of people. As well as some very out of date email addresses. so if you could please send me all of your screen names/ Email addresses that would be great :)
thank you
Thursday, June 24th, 2004
6:06 pm
skinny puppy was AMAZING last night! I will write more later.
Tuesday, June 1st, 2004
1:55 am
Tonight when I was driving around. I came across this Large Snapping turtle that was crossing the street. He was just so happening to be crossing at a BAD spot in the street. So I pulled over, Grabbed a few towels I had and moved the big guy to a safe spot on the side of the street. This is another pointless post but it Made me feel good. Wile I was moving him all I could think about was Rahar & tokka. From TMNT 2 haha I am such a nerd.
Sunday, May 2nd, 2004
11:12 pm
Today was good
Today I went to NJ to jay and silent bobs seccret stash and who is there? But JASON MEWES!!! He was in town for a little bit visiting family. what good timing! nothing else mattered in the day but being able to talk to him for a little bit.

Current Mood: ecstatic
10:38 am
Last night was hell on earth for my allergies. For I would say the past 2 weeks I have been battling some decent allergies. I have been sneezing runny nose that's about it. Yesterday I had soo many sneezing fits, and I felt like my had never left my noes I was constantly blowing it! So I broke down before I went to the party and took some allergy medicine. It helped somewhat but nothing too great. at about 11 I got super tired. I am not sure If it was from the medicine or not because my body felt awake but I just could not keep my eyes open it seemed. I somehow made it home without falling asleep (thanks to Ron ). I ended up coming home not even changing out of what i was wearing and passing out. When I woke up this morning my entire throat feels all swolen(and still a bit now) and i feel like i could hardly breath out of my mouth or nose. I think i am going to try some deferent medicine and see if it helps me if not time for the DR.s

Current Mood: sick
Wednesday, April 28th, 2004
11:38 pm
The past few months

Ok  its  been quite some time since I  made a good  update.  So its time to fill everyone in on what has been going on in my life.. In march when i was coming home from work . I got into a  car accident. I was rearended, leaving  my car with  about $6,300 in damage. I was wearing my seat belt as always so  I was not hurt ( besides the  normal pains you would get from being  hit) , but it did  leave the back end of my car in not so  hot shape at all.  My car was in the shop for about a  month getting fixed. Just to  find out that  it needs to go back to  ths  shop to get some  more work done. I  have decided that i am going to sell the  car some time soon. Other then that  my  life has been the same old work and hanging out. So i will fast foward untill this week..

 It seems like all this week  i have been on the  run between work and other stuff . starting on Tuesday. I went with Ron and Ryan to the  morbid angel show. just for the  hell of it. since its been a  long time since I  have been to a show outside of an Industrial/ Ebm show.  It was alright  morbid angel sucked  I like the middle band the most.

Then  Wednesday  I went to digital Feret  with Brett and Erika to pick up my Skinny Puppy Tickets!!!!  I can't wait untill the show. Really I have  not shut up about this concert since i found out that they where  on tour out side of the festivel in Germany. Then once i found out that they  only have TWO  us dates. that really got me excited! YEah so i cant wait untill june 23.  I also  got my right Tragus pierced. :)  

Friday  I worked then hung out with Ray for a  bit .we went to south st. then i  took him  home. Fun times.. later on i hung out with Ryan and went to a local show.

Saturday Erika and I took a bus to atlantic city . we spent  most of the  day  just walking around the  bordwalk. Looking at  all  of the all you can eat place they had trying to find the  best one for your $$ ( in the end we did not even eat at one) . I bought a thing for my car tires that will free me if i ever get stuck in the snow(  I always seem to get stuck in the snow or mud). the rest of the time we walked on the  beach. right before we had to catch the  bus home i decided  to gamble a  bit . I ended up wining  $7.75 at that point erika  made me stop ( i could have made more i tell you ;-) ) I am veryproud of that  money.

Monday Erika and I were going to go up to new york city . and go shopping and such  but since the  weather was soo  shitty we ended up going to . Baltomore Maryland. Since when we where younger, we thought it was cool and had alot of things to do their. well we where wrong .. there is not  much to do in baltomore besides go to the aquarium. So we did that walked around a bit then went to Delaware for some tax free shopping. The big down side of that day was all the  Fucking tolls  it takes to get  to baltomore and  back it was  near $20!

 Tomorrow  Terrorfakt is paying at latazza but after paying that  much money on tolls  and  crap i kind of dont feel like paying for parking for a wile. But if anyone is willing to go with me let me know  but  you  must be at least 21 years old to get in. so that  about sums up  my life  for now .. I will get back to you on whats to come. hopefully i will be updating more. But i have said that so many times in the  past.


Current Mood: tired
Thursday, February 12th, 2004
10:01 pm

my new dream car... http://www.mazdausa.com/MusaWeb/displayEmailedConfig.action?mailedId=1076640983772

 maybe if  I trade in my car  I can get this one.....

Monday, February 9th, 2004
11:48 pm
I got my car washed today. For the first time this winter and what do you know.. its now raining. Its so irritating I even checked the weather to see if it was going to rain or snow. getting my car washed depressed me. After all the salt and crap was off. I could see every little scratch, door dings, and fucking gashes where paint use to be. I have never gotten into a car accident and I do take farley good car of my car. And to see this makes me soo mad because I get all of my scratches from working at the mall. The parking lot is high traffic. and people are always coming in and out. Not caring if they dent cars, scratch them with their strollers and crap! It makes me sooo mad! Now I do have some touch up paint but I am afraid I don't know any good techniques for applying the paint. I don't want to fuck up. does anyone have any suggestions to fix chipped paint? Or good shops that can profesionaly fix it up.

Current Mood: pissed off
Tuesday, January 27th, 2004
2:07 pm
Tuesday, January 13th, 2004
11:09 am

 I wish this damn head cold will just go away. But I guess its better then being full blown suck. eah...  Room cleaning is going quite well  I did that for  most of yesterday. cleaning up random crap off my foor and other areas. I super cleaned my closet. made a pile of clothes I am  Making my self get rid of ( side note : the pile is not that  big at all, but its something). I also looked  through half of my cd's,  Checking to see if the cds are in there cases ( most are not at this point). mY  next step with that is organizing them and making a list of all of them. then I need to clean my desk & do paper work.

  I am just such a pack rat its sick. I just keep everything from super old flyers - old  volunteer tee shirts that i NEVER wear. CLeaning and organizing  made me relize i need more  nice clothes and  more cds.  So now i am going to  buy  more things when i should be sliming down my room and spending less after the holadays.

After  cleaning my room . I went out shopping with Erika and her sister. I got a plain wooden shelf for my room. Returned something at target, and got some shimmer  make-up stuff. Our shopping trip was not quite as  successful as i hoped. But oh well. It was  nice getting out with friends. If we get our New York  trip planned out. I am sure to find something good to buy then.

 My  hair is once again fading .....  I need to find a good long lasting fake looking red. With the  dye  I am  using i have to dye my hair every two washes. To keep it looking the way i want it to . I am thinking about  just getting rid of the color. should I ?

 I am off to another day of work...



Current Mood: creative
Friday, January 9th, 2004
12:51 am
I must say I love having credit cards, that give back to you. I come home today to find a letter from my chase universal card. And in it i find a $25 gift card to blockbuster. They just sent it to me for being a valued cardmember. :)

Current Mood: happy
Friday, January 2nd, 2004
12:06 pm
This weekend should be fun I get to do my annual weekend getaway to the MTs. To Do our Christmas exchange its always a good time. Every year I look forward to it. This year was a bit crazy soo I feel so rushed to get all my packing and stuff done. but right now I have some spare time I really think I am forgetting to do something really important. like packing my winter coat or something.. I still have somethings to do. before work then going away right after. so I better go.

When I get back I will do my big update.
9:21 am
New #
Just A heads up. I got a new cell phone this week so I do have a New Number.. My old one will work up until the end of month. I should be sending out an Email with the new number. But If I miss you just call my old phone and you can get my new number in my message. I Have not set up my texmessaging service so please don't go crazy text messaging.
Monday, December 29th, 2003
8:18 pm
No time...

 I am so tired. But i feel like i  have  so so much to do and no time to do it in. it Realy sucks... Tomorrow  I get to go into work an hour early. Thats kind of good  because i need the  money.  But sucky at the same time  because i get less sleep and have less time to do the things i need to do . After work  I  hope to go to the Club ( if i am not dead on my feet).  Last night i had a good time  i  will write  more later  about that.  I really should not be online wasting time. when i  need tooo.... 

 Take a shower..

wrap gifts..

Clean my room...

Finish making some gifts...

Take a Nap...( or sleep)

PLay Video games...

Start getting ready to go on vacation...  ( shopping for food)

That  does not seem like  much  of a list  but it is..  i feel like i need to take a nap before i can do anything  because i am soo tired. But i really need a shower as well. along  with  i really really.  Need to Play video games  i am sooo addicted to Medal of  Honor - frontline. I could soo  beat it if i just get some good time with the game. but that gets to go back tomorrow sooo i have to beat it!  I better get going on this list.


Current Mood: tired
Monday, December 22nd, 2003
12:42 am
way to much work..
I feel like I might as well live at work... Damn retail and the holadays. I am going insane.. yesterday I was in at 6am worked untill 2:30pm. was not able to take a break because we where to freaking busy.. My plan was after work get my hair dyed again if possable. or go home and sleep so I could go out to Vasago. What happend... I got out of work, went food shopping, Ate. and went online. and stayed online untill about 8ish when I felt soo tired and sick. that I could not drive any place let alone hold my head up. so I sleeped for 13 hours and all day today I was tired. Before work i went in early yet again . SO I could try to get some X-mas shopping done. I stoped by best buy and the line was soo big even if i found something i felt like I would not make it to work on time ( I was about 2 hours before I worked. and my work is across the st.) so I walked around the mall trying to find something and again it did not work. Tomorrow is my day off and I plan on shopping all day . I really hope i finish things off tomorrow .

Current Mood: tired
Thursday, December 18th, 2003
1:09 am
 The past few days  just sucked..  it all started monday .  I  had a closing shift. first off the way the schedules where made i did not get a Real break. then i find out that  one of the two closers that should  be working could not come in. so  it was me and one other person on a  busy busy day.. I had a line wrapping around the store. But thank fully  most of the people where cool about it.  I also felt bad because danielle was sick and it was impsable to let her leave early .  then a reg was off  and that  just always sucks. I did not get home untill  1am ish. so i stayed up knowing that i did not have to work the next day and i could sleep in a  bit.  well that  does not happen  bright and early in the  morning  i am woken up  to fighting.  annoyed and pissed off because now i cant fall asleep. i figure i am  just going to get dressed and run out of the house to go shopping for gifts. well First store i go to .  I am getting out of my car soo i open the door  by the handle . and i hear a crack/ snap  noise and the handle bends back allitle more then  normal . so i think  that does not sound good. but i get out and go shopping. i come back  and get in my car. but then i close the door i hear  like a plastic thing falling in my door pannle . now i am like this really is not good. so i go to open my door and  guess what?  It does not open ! so i some how broke  the inside handle to  my car. so i had to clime  out the passanger door to get out. Eah  life sucks  but OOOOOHh it gets better. so once i am done shopping i head stright to the car dealership to  make an  appointment. then i  go  home .  I started moving around cars to get them parked right  soo  no  one would be blocked in. once everyone came to my  house. so  i had to move  my car on the grass for a few secs. but  I get stuck in the  FUCKing  mud for the  next 4 hours. we tryed everything to get my car out and it just would not go. so finaly we had to jack up my car so we could but something under it and we could drive it out. KILL ME NOW.  so i was running late. The  show was good and entertaining  so  that was cool.  my the  end of the night i was not feeling to  good  i felt like puking  but i did not eat anything all day  but a  Hi-c juice box. i think thats what did it. then i wake up today feeling the same i am just too stressed out i think.  i closed again today with out a break. I am really  tired and dranned. i would be able to sleep in tomorrow a bit but i  need to take my car to the dealership bright and early. eahhh  i cant wait to see how tired i will end up being tomorrow. on and  now i get home to find my anole died. I think its time for bed! good night...

Current Mood: depressed
Sunday, December 14th, 2003
11:12 pm
wate of day

 Today was such a wasted day.  I did absolutley  nothing all day. My original plan was to go out and shop some more. But int he end I did not want to go out in the crapy weather. So  I woke up late. Read the  news paper, and spent the rest of the day online. ( I am shocked  that i have not killed my self yet).  ITs been a very long time since i have spent this  much time online. But i  have not been doing  just nothing. I was given orders that  i must make a wish list so i did that ALL DAY.   Not to mention i got some good tv watching done as well.  I really should  have spent my time wraping gifts,making some gifts, cleaning my room, organizing my bills, ANYTHING  but sit on my ass all day.

Tomorrow  I go back to work . We are deep into holaday  hours. So the mall is now open untill 11 pm  that means  we wont get out untill 12am. At the earliest.  If  I  open we have to be at work at 6am. add driving time for me to get to work  in and  i don't get much sleep.

 On another  note does anyone know where i can get ear plugs . like the gum/putty kind u use when you go swimming?

Thursday, December 11th, 2003
1:12 am
I finally broke down and put AOL on my computer. Mistake Probably.. but I have no other choice right now. I have way to many bills and with Christmas.. eahh things are not going to be fun.

Speaking of Christmas, I am just not in the spirit of things. I am mentally in September or October. Defiantly not December. I think that's my biggest problem. Even working in the mall It does not feel like Christmas is coming. Sure they have the god awful music playing and the UGLY Ugly bush bears and crap. Time is just going by soo fast yet soo slow for me. I feel like before I know it, it will be Christmas and I won't have anything. So this week really started my Christmas shopping. I have just about one thing for everyone on my list. So I am happy about that. Tomorrow I have off again I should do some more shopping. Eah its just soo hard this year. everyone has everything.

Other then working the lovely holiday hours. Not much has been going on. I got a "hair make over" thanks to Danielle. My hair is now black and Red. It was going to be about half of my head would be black and red but it seems like you see more red then anything. I think it looks good. but its going to be a PAIN in the ass to keep up with the color. I might get some pics up. The other day I was asked to do a photo shoot. so I figured why the hell not and went. I am glad it did, it was a fun experience. Lee was there so it was cool knowing someone. I still need to get a good look at how the pictures turned out. who knows maybe I will get some new LJ pics out of it. Other then that I have been to philly a lot it seems. yesterday I went to see rasputina with Rory at the North star bar. That place was soo small but its is quite a good place to see a band play. Not to mention rasputina was awesome. I would love to see them again some time. I can't think if what else i did right now i am quite tired. so i am going to end it here for now.
Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003
12:50 am
I bought my self a new computer. expect to see more updates in the future..

As soon as I figure out what internet I should put on my computer.
Friday, November 7th, 2003
12:30 am
10 weeks ago was my last update . I think its about time for a new one.
I have not been on this thing in ages. its strange dealing with all the "new" (Iam sure its not so new by now) chages to LJ.

Anyway ... first off. I wanted to Thank everyone that showed up to my surprise birthday party. It was by far the best thing that has happened to me in years, And the most memorable. =) thank you sooo soo much I <3 you guys. A SUPER HUGE thank you goes out to Melissa & Adam /everyone that helped out planning and making it possable.

I know that was way over due. but better late then never.

other then that nothing much has been going on but a whole lot of working. Last night I did see KMFDM. It was great as allways.

I should be in bed by now. I don't want to have to work any more...

I will try to write more soon.
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