Erika (darklight) wrote,

wate of day

 Today was such a wasted day.  I did absolutley  nothing all day. My original plan was to go out and shop some more. But int he end I did not want to go out in the crapy weather. So  I woke up late. Read the  news paper, and spent the rest of the day online. ( I am shocked  that i have not killed my self yet).  ITs been a very long time since i have spent this  much time online. But i  have not been doing  just nothing. I was given orders that  i must make a wish list so i did that ALL DAY.   Not to mention i got some good tv watching done as well.  I really should  have spent my time wraping gifts,making some gifts, cleaning my room, organizing my bills, ANYTHING  but sit on my ass all day.

Tomorrow  I go back to work . We are deep into holaday  hours. So the mall is now open untill 11 pm  that means  we wont get out untill 12am. At the earliest.  If  I  open we have to be at work at 6am. add driving time for me to get to work  in and  i don't get much sleep.

 On another  note does anyone know where i can get ear plugs . like the gum/putty kind u use when you go swimming?

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