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No time...

 I am so tired. But i feel like i  have  so so much to do and no time to do it in. it Realy sucks... Tomorrow  I get to go into work an hour early. Thats kind of good  because i need the  money.  But sucky at the same time  because i get less sleep and have less time to do the things i need to do . After work  I  hope to go to the Club ( if i am not dead on my feet).  Last night i had a good time  i  will write  more later  about that.  I really should not be online wasting time. when i  need tooo.... 

 Take a shower..

wrap gifts..

Clean my room...

Finish making some gifts...

Take a Nap...( or sleep)

PLay Video games...

Start getting ready to go on vacation...  ( shopping for food)

That  does not seem like  much  of a list  but it is..  i feel like i need to take a nap before i can do anything  because i am soo tired. But i really need a shower as well. along  with  i really really.  Need to Play video games  i am sooo addicted to Medal of  Honor - frontline. I could soo  beat it if i just get some good time with the game. but that gets to go back tomorrow sooo i have to beat it!  I better get going on this list.


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