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The past few months

Ok  its  been quite some time since I  made a good  update.  So its time to fill everyone in on what has been going on in my life.. In march when i was coming home from work . I got into a  car accident. I was rearended, leaving  my car with  about $6,300 in damage. I was wearing my seat belt as always so  I was not hurt ( besides the  normal pains you would get from being  hit) , but it did  leave the back end of my car in not so  hot shape at all.  My car was in the shop for about a  month getting fixed. Just to  find out that  it needs to go back to  ths  shop to get some  more work done. I  have decided that i am going to sell the  car some time soon. Other then that  my  life has been the same old work and hanging out. So i will fast foward untill this week..

 It seems like all this week  i have been on the  run between work and other stuff . starting on Tuesday. I went with Ron and Ryan to the  morbid angel show. just for the  hell of it. since its been a  long time since I  have been to a show outside of an Industrial/ Ebm show.  It was alright  morbid angel sucked  I like the middle band the most.

Then  Wednesday  I went to digital Feret  with Brett and Erika to pick up my Skinny Puppy Tickets!!!!  I can't wait untill the show. Really I have  not shut up about this concert since i found out that they where  on tour out side of the festivel in Germany. Then once i found out that they  only have TWO  us dates. that really got me excited! YEah so i cant wait untill june 23.  I also  got my right Tragus pierced. :)  

Friday  I worked then hung out with Ray for a  bit .we went to south st. then i  took him  home. Fun times.. later on i hung out with Ryan and went to a local show.

Saturday Erika and I took a bus to atlantic city . we spent  most of the  day  just walking around the  bordwalk. Looking at  all  of the all you can eat place they had trying to find the  best one for your $$ ( in the end we did not even eat at one) . I bought a thing for my car tires that will free me if i ever get stuck in the snow(  I always seem to get stuck in the snow or mud). the rest of the time we walked on the  beach. right before we had to catch the  bus home i decided  to gamble a  bit . I ended up wining  $7.75 at that point erika  made me stop ( i could have made more i tell you ;-) ) I am veryproud of that  money.

Monday Erika and I were going to go up to new york city . and go shopping and such  but since the  weather was soo  shitty we ended up going to . Baltomore Maryland. Since when we where younger, we thought it was cool and had alot of things to do their. well we where wrong .. there is not  much to do in baltomore besides go to the aquarium. So we did that walked around a bit then went to Delaware for some tax free shopping. The big down side of that day was all the  Fucking tolls  it takes to get  to baltomore and  back it was  near $20!

 Tomorrow  Terrorfakt is paying at latazza but after paying that  much money on tolls  and  crap i kind of dont feel like paying for parking for a wile. But if anyone is willing to go with me let me know  but  you  must be at least 21 years old to get in. so that  about sums up  my life  for now .. I will get back to you on whats to come. hopefully i will be updating more. But i have said that so many times in the  past.


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