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way to much work..

I feel like I might as well live at work... Damn retail and the holadays. I am going insane.. yesterday I was in at 6am worked untill 2:30pm. was not able to take a break because we where to freaking busy.. My plan was after work get my hair dyed again if possable. or go home and sleep so I could go out to Vasago. What happend... I got out of work, went food shopping, Ate. and went online. and stayed online untill about 8ish when I felt soo tired and sick. that I could not drive any place let alone hold my head up. so I sleeped for 13 hours and all day today I was tired. Before work i went in early yet again . SO I could try to get some X-mas shopping done. I stoped by best buy and the line was soo big even if i found something i felt like I would not make it to work on time ( I was about 2 hours before I worked. and my work is across the st.) so I walked around the mall trying to find something and again it did not work. Tomorrow is my day off and I plan on shopping all day . I really hope i finish things off tomorrow .
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