Erika (darklight) wrote,

help me

My buddy list and address book are completely out of control. I know I have a lot of names on my list that, I don't even remember who they are. Or they are Old Screen names of people. As well as some very out of date email addresses. so if you could please send me all of your screen names/ Email addresses that would be great :)
thank you
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oh oh ill be the first to respond!

Name : Nate
Email :
AIM SN : Jasonbl00d (the 00 in blood are two zeros)
YOU are completely out of control ;-)


July 13 2004, 17:12:08 UTC 13 years ago

you dont remember who any of them are because you are too self-absorbed to even bother with relationships
Well, maybe people should. Not run away from things. And let me talk to them. So I can explain things and not just jump to conclusions on things. this can all be resolved in a few mins. If you would only give it a chance. I will.. will you?
last post in july oh my
Date updated: 2004-07-11 21:11:07, 26 weeks ago

oh erika
Dear Erika-

I apologize for invading your personal livejournal, but the information on the Phillygoth LJ profile said that if there was a problem to contact one of the mods via their LJ. My ex-girlfriend has made a slanderous post on the Phillygoth LJ, claiming that I have several diseases. I was wondering if I could get that post removed. There is no truth at all to her post - she is simply jealous that I have found someone new.

Thank you so much for your help.
Hey Erika. I have not talked to you in ages! Are you still alive?
hello!! can you tell me.. fan fiction about it yours??-)))
You've got hardcore porn spam at philly_goth.

I know you don't use your LJ anymore; could I maintain the community?
sorry for the delay, I was at work. But the comment has been taken care of.
Let me have your username. :D